Ravelry Worldwide Shawl Exchange

Today I am working on my shawl for the Ravelry Worldwide Shawl Exchange. I don’t want to post any pictures on the off chance the recipient reads this blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I figured it was OK to post a picture of the yarn I’m using 🙂

The lady to whom my shawl is being sent lives in Arizona, where it is very, very hot. All the time. So a lovely, comforting, woollen shawl would be absolutely useless. I had to use a yarn that would be cooling in the heat, and a pattern that would suit such a yarn.

So I chose Drops Belle from Wool Warehouse. It is a cotton/linen mix which is not only really good value for money, but comes in loads of colours. I thought it would be awful to knit with but it’s actually great – not splitty or sticky at all. This may be in part to Knit Pro Zing fixed circular needles I’m using. They are my new favourite needles and I will definitely be buying more. The yarn just flies off them and they are contributing towards making this shawl a great project to work on. I am halfway through the third section (of four) and there is a border to do too, so there is still a good few weeks before this is off the needles.

I’m not going to share the pattern but it’s a really simple one – a lot of garter stitch with a little lace. I didn’t want to do anything too intricate because I didn’t think the yarn was robust enough to deal with a lot of lace work. And I always think that I would rather do something simple well then make a pigs ear of something complicated. I will share a photo of the finished object when it has been sent to it’s new owner.

The green, cotton Travelling Scarf has been sent off today, so when my new one arrives I will of course post an update. And when mine arrives back from wherever in the world it is I will share a photo.


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