Ship Ahoy!

This weekend the Tall Ships have been visiting Blyth, on the South East Coast of Northumberland, and it’s kind of a big deal. According to the marketing it’s the biggest event Northumberland has ever staged so, being from Northumberland, I gathered up Mr Busy Knitter, Mischief and Mayhem, and off we went to have a look.

And sure enough, it was a big event. Even though it had rained torrentially on Saturday night – to the extent that one of the car parks was flooded and had to be closed – it was still absolutely packed and there were queues for everything. As a family we don’t really do queuing. Mr Busy Knitter is not a bit fan of crowds, and Mischief and Mayhem are not blessed with the British qualities needed for waiting in a line of people for something to happen. So we didn’t get to go on any of the ships. Or rides. Or bouncy castles. Or eat. And because none of these things were happening, Mischief and Mayhem kept up an almost constant stream of Tantrum. Which in turn led to a very grumpy Mr Busy Knitter.

And such is the nature of our family days out. I keep coming up with places for us to go, hoping that they will enjoy themselves and have a good time, instead of crying the entire time. But we’re not quite there yet. Hopefully next year, when we go on our first family holiday abroad to Spain.¬†Until then I will keep trying to make some memories.

Just as an aside, I had a really good time at the Tall Ships. It was well organised, there was lots to see and the ships were awesome.

As for knitting, I have nothing interesting to add. I have been knitting and knitting but getting nothing achieved. I didn’t finish the hat on Friday, I didn’t finish the first sock (mostly because I frogged it and started again when I realised it would have fit around the ankle of a sumo wrestler) and, although I have finished all the knitting for Ma Baker’s jumper, it still hasn’t been blocked or sewn together so I still have that to do. All very unsatisfactory. Today I am going to work on the Travelling Scarf currently in my possession. Remember the green 100% cotton one? Yeah, that one.



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