Something different

I’ve joined a knitting club. Well, not really…. it’s just a very thinly disguised reason for putting a picture of Brad Pitt on a knitting blog. What I have done is subscribed to Yarnbox -which I suppose is kind of like a knitting club. A tenuous link, but a link nonetheless.

I have flirted with subscription boxes in the past – shoes, snacks, crafts for the boys (you can imagine how that one turned out), and Partner in Crime gets a beauty box every month -but yarn clubs are not such a big thing in the UK so it was hard to find one I liked the look of at a decent price. I’m not saying there are no clubs in the UK but they tend towards the expensive and sell out really really fast. Clubs like Countess Ablaze and Yan Tan Tethera have a loyal following and sell out as soon as they are released. They are beautiful but pretty pricey and I wanted something a bit more mid range. So I looked at some US subscription sites, where it seems to be more mainstream, and decided on a Yarnbox Socks subscription. The postage was almost as much as the subscription but the whole thing came to just under £27. Every month I’ll receive a skein (or two) of sock yarn along with an exclusive pattern. I like the idea that I will get a surprise every month and I can’t wait for my first one to arrive. It will be shipped on 1 September so I will be patiently waiting by the letterbox until then.

Yarnbox also run another two subscription boxes, which are worth a look: Yarnbox Classic and Yarnbox Luxe. I can see this becoming an expensive addiction ha ha.

Yesterday I got a good bit done for my Ravelry exchange shawl, and am on target to finish well before the deadline. The hat I made at the end of last week was too small for it’s intended recipient (where am I going wrong with this one??) so I’m going to cast on a Barley hat with the red Cascade Pacific I have left and I really hope I can get it finished this weekend.



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