Please Mr Postman

Yesterday turned out to be a really good day for deliveries, which is one of my little pleasures in life. I love receiving post, which is why I take part in the Ravelry swaps. Few things give me more pleasure than opening a surprise package.

I got one such package from a lovely lady yesterday which included some unusual yarn, notepads and stickers. It came all the way from Pittsburgh USA so it’s yarn that I haven’t used, or even seen, before. The 100% Icelandic wool feel s a little scratchy but I’m sure once it’s knitted up and washed it’ll be lovely and warm. I also received a colouring book and pencils, some tea and beautiful stitch markers from Germany. This was from one of the ladies in my Travelling Scarf group, and I really feel we’re building up a great friendship through these swaps. She has been unwell recently and I’m delighted to hear she’s on the mend.IMG_20160822_100053

My weekly delivery from Wool Warehouse arrived yesterday as well. I ordered it Friday morning and it actually arrived on Saturday when I was out so I went along to collect it yesterday and, as usual, I was not disappointed. The Scheepjes cotton that I got for the Travelling Scarf is far more vibrant than it looked online, and the King Cole Vogue DK is gorgeous. Far better than I expected. King Cole are becoming one of my favourite brands – good quality and good value.

The most exciting delivery of the day, however, was my new iPhone! Well, not the newest model, largely because I have a budget and while I am happy to spend the GDP of a small African nation on yarn, I don’t feel the same way about technology. I’ve never had an iPhone so I spend most of yesterday afternoon trying to figure out how it works (and the rest of it telling Mischief and Mayhem to tidy up). I think I have cracked it though and I feel as though I am back in the land of living, technologically speaking.

In knitting news I started the Lotus Flower socks yesterday, and came very quickly to the realisation that 100% organic cotton was not made for the p5togm5 stitch. After being pulled about and yanked off needles to make a stitch the yarn was so split that it wasn’t fit for an old dishcloth, let alone a pair of socks. Like I have said in the past, there is a reason a pattern calls for a particular type of yarn lol. All is not lost though – I pulled it out and started again with a different design and there will be a pair of socks soon. Today I will be working on Ma Baker’s jumper and hope to have both sleeves done before close of play this evening.


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  1. Wow, your VERY busy!!! But sharing, knitting and giving are good for the soul. The swap group sounds fun too.


    1. I love the swap group! As a knitter I really appreciate the hand made gifts I am sent

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  2. Aoife says:

    Good mail days are the best! Also I looooooove my iPhone. I started out with Android and it was so awful I upgraded the instant I was eligible and I haven’t looked back.


    1. I have only ever had Android so I thought I would find the switch hard, but I really like it 🙂

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