A Northern Morning

Its a bit miserable and damp this morning, and I wonder whether summer in the North East of England is over. I like autumn, but I wouldn’t mind a few extra days of sunshine before the boys start school.

The hat in the picture is the test pattern, Shifting Bricks, which I finished late last night. It’s a lovely pattern – Kelli is a fantastic designer – and Mischief wears it well while watching over the early morning northern skyline. This one isn’t for him – its for a little boy who lives across the road – but it’s so lovely I am considering making him one for when the weather gets a bit colder. I really like the way the hat has turned out, and the yarn (Cascade Pacific) wasn’t too bad in the end.

Today I will be making a start on these socks for Partner in Crime. She has been patiently waiting for them for a while and I’m looking forward to making a start them. It’s a pattern by Emma Wright, a designer I have admired for a while but not had the chance to try out, so I’m looking forward to this one. The pattern calls for Rooster Baby Rooster, but I’m using Debbie Bliss Eco Baby in cream and a dusky pink for the contrasting colour. I’m a bit nervous about the picot cast on but the instructions seem straightforward enough. IMG_20160822_073404

Not that I’m sure I’ll have much time for knitting today – I have parcels to collect, a car to be fixed, burgers to eat, and small children to supervise. At least my new WIP will be portable!


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