The Busy Knitter is, well, busy

So yesterday I was too busy to update my blog. I did have an inkling this would happen sooner or later. so I’ve made my peace with it and got back on the horse today. Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday was filled with misery and only 3 rows of the mohair wrap so the least said about it the better. Lets just say toilet training is the least enjoyable and most soul destroying part of my parenting journey so far, but we have gone back to basics and hopefully soon we will see results.

Yesterday was A Busy Day. Mr Busy Knitter let me have a lie in (which in all honesty is why there was no blog post yesterday) so I barely got a few mouthfuls of coffee before I had to take him to work, pick up Partner in Crime, drop Mischief and Mayhem off at their grandparents house and then go to work myself. That was 10am and I eventually finished work at 9pm last night. It wasn’t all miserable- we had a lovely lunch at a pizza chain and stopped for a coffee at the Metro Centre, but it was a long day and there wasn’t much energy left for blogging or knitting at the end of it.

I did, however, get another four rows on the exchange shawl, which has been sadly neglected during the Ravelympics, and I had forgotten how much I was enjoying knitting it. It’s a great pattern – mostly garter stitch – and I’m using a cotten/linen mix which is nice to knit with. I am still reluctant to post a picture in case the recipient sees it, but I may put up a sneaky pic when I am closer to having it finished.

Today, I am working on my other ‘secret’ project – the test hat pattern. I will hopefully have this finished soon, but is something else I am really enjoying the process of. The cable pattern is really intriguing and cables I have never done before, so it’s a really Challenging Knit. We were supposed to be having a family day out but we are still toilet training, and they are yet to behave in a manner which gives me confidence I can take them anywhere but the local park at the minute. Only two weeks left of the Summer Holidays and it can’t come fast enough!




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