Do I need more yarn?

Its Friday, it’s payday so the answer to the above question of course is Yes!

Actually I did need to put an order for more yarn in today. No, really. I had to get some green 100% cotton for the Travelling Scarf swap, and as Scheepjes Catona is only 99p for 25g I had to make the order up to get free postage. There is an argument that postage is only £2.95 and spending £25 just to get free postage is a false economy, but I have been up since 6.15am, not had any coffee yet, and I don’t want to hear those arguments.

So joining the stash is some King Cole Zigzag sock yarn, which will be made into socks for my stepbrother, a circular needle and 11 balls of King Cole Vogue DK (which is a substitute for the eyewateringly expensive Sublime Cotton Silk DK. I used to find a more budget friendly substitute  and this is what came up so I’ll give it a shot.

Yesterday, despite missing a few lines out of the pattern and having to rip back about 40 rows, I finished the front of Ma Baker’s jumper and started the first sleeve. I’m hoping to have it finished and ready for blocking next week. This one has taken far longer than I imagined it would and now I just want to get it done. Today I am going to work on the Mohair Wrap. We are having a Day In The House -largely due to Mischief’s current medical issues – so I can probably get a few rows done. This truly is the never ending project.

Right now, I must have some coffee. Mischief and Mayhem are quietly (!) watching Tinkerbell and the Fairy Something or Other so I need to take my opportunities where I find them.


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  1. Paula says:

    I love that website! Saved me a fair bit of money! Enjoy your knitting time today – mohair wrap sounds intriguing, I look forward to seeing the photos.


    1. Its a great website! I would like it if it included more yarns available in the UK but its given me some great alternatives. Mohair wrap photos next week 🙂


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