Making Memories

We have very few days out as a family – Mr Busy Knitter and I both work, its expensive, and entertaining Mischief and Mayhem in public is tricky to say the least -so when we do have a successful day out, we treasure it. Yesterday we went to the Forbidden Corner. If you have never been here its difficult to make it sound anything but lame – it defies description and explanation, and really needs to be experienced, but I’ll give it a go. Its a labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and other surprises which delights and confuses all who visit. The site is four acres, and there is a maze, a castle, statues, sculptures, bridges, stepping stones, things that jump out at you, things that squirt you, and things that whisper at you as you walk past. More than once we found ourselves back at the beginning after taking a wrong turn and had to start all over again. It’s so much fun – if you ever find yourself in the Yorkshire Dales, please go and visit. We are considering an overnight stay next summer – even though we have been three times, there are still things we haven’t seen and nooks and crannies we haven’t yet explored.

Todays exciting news though is that the Ravelympic jumper is finished! Well, I’m going to wash and block it today, but it is wearable as it is. I’m really pleased with myself for finishing a jumper in 10 days and I urge everyone to give this pattern a go.


So today I will be working on getting the front of Ma Baker’s jumper finished and hopefully making a start on the sleeves. And that will be another project ticked off The List!


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