WIP Wednesday

Again, I must apologise to my regular readers for the lateness of today’s post. As you know, I write my blog first thing in the morning before Mischief and Mayhem become completely uncontrollable and I can manage half an hour where I can avert my eyes freom the chaos. This morning, however, my internet was down. I would like to put this down to One Of Those Things, but my annoyance over this is two-fold. Firstly, it is the third morning in a row that it has happened. Secondly I mystery shopped my internet provider yesterday and discovered, to my shock and dismay, that if I was a new customer I would get the same package I currently have for a third of the price. So, since I appear to be paying three times as much as other customers, I at least expect my internet to be working during waking hours. It’s on now, but as I have been out all day, this isn’t a great deal of use to me. Someone will be getting a sternly worded email in their inbox tomorrow morning.

Back to WIP Wednesday now I have had my little rant. The Ravelympic jumper is knitted and all I need to do is the seaming (ugh) and blocking and then I am done, 4 whole days ahead of the deadline. This makes me immeasurably happy, not least because it give me license to cast on a new project asap! I was thinking about how many projects I had on the go the other day, and I realised that I am very much a process driven knitter, and I need several things on the go at once in order to fulfil all my knitting requirements. I reckoned that five is my magic WIP number. I need some mindless knittingi, that I can watch TV with or take to the park -the Mohair Wrap fills this requirement perfectly. Miles and miles of stocking stitch – perfectly mindnumbing. Then I need a challenge – usually the test knits I do provide me with this. I currently have a hat on my needles but the lovely and talented Kelli Slack has sent me a shawl pattern as well, which I will be starting once the hat is finished.  Next is a large project – my Ravelry shawl exchange fits the bill for this. I have until November to send it out, but time is ticking on and I really need to pick it up again next week. Then there is the gift knitting, from The List, currently Ma Baker’s jumper, which is actually not too far from completion. This leaves me with a vacant slot in my knitting timetable, which I have decided to fill with…… socks! I love knitting socks: they are quick, portable and interesting to knit. Sock yarn is fantastic and I am seriously considering getting a sock yarn subscription, so it makes sense to move Socks out of the Gift Knitting List and give them their own time slot. Of course, this is marvellous news for my Partner in Crime because it means I will be casting on her Lotus Flower socks as soon as I have finished sewing the Ravelympic jumper! All being well there will be pictures of the jumper on tomorrow’s blog.

Thank you to all concerned about Mischief’s visit to the doctors yesterday. The doctor didn’t actually examine him (or even talk to him) but she did prescribe Movicol to see if that helped. She wants us to wait 4 weeks before going back if it doesn’t work, but I told her in no uncertain terms that I would be back in a week if there was no change. Fingers crossed it will help though – we have already seen an improvement today.


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  1. Jack says:

    I love reading about all your knitting, it gives me such a sense of familiarity, because I too have so many projects! I’d love to see more pictures of your wips, your picture of the ravelry jumper looked lovely!

    Also, the doctor probably wanted you to wait 4 weeks because some medications take 4 weeks to build up and start working in your body. When I started Topamax for migraines it took 4 weeks for it too work and 4 weeks for the nasty side effects to stop. I hope it helps though! Sending my best!!!!


    1. Thanks Jack! I love reading about your WIPs too, especially the mood squares. I can’t wait to see them all finished x


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