The Travelling Scarf Swap

As I have mentioned before I often take part in swaps on Ravelry. It is sometimes time consuming, and sometimes turns out to be expensive, but is worth every hour spent knitting (never wasted!) and every penny. I have received some fantastic, thoughtful gifts from all over the world. As a knitter who knits for others it means a lot to receive something handmade, and each piece is treasured. The picture above is a washcloth and soap that I received in exchange for the Wash Mitt that I sent out last week. It may only be a washcloth but I know how much work is involved even in this, and I appreciate every stitch.

Even when the swaps are not handmade, they are still fun. I take part in a Special Delivery swap every month where I save the free gifts from the magazines I buy (usually a toy knitting kit that I will never use) and send them along with a card and something small like a facemask or a nice tea bag.

Today I will be working on a Travelling Scarf Swap. For this one we are in groups of six – we all started off by knitting the beginning of a scarf and sending it on to the next person on the list. That person picks up the scarf where it was left off, knits a bit, then sends it on to the next person. It continues like this until it has been round the group twice and the one you started is returned to you, having been worked on by knitters from all over the world. When mine is returned it will have been back and forth over the Atlantic ten times. Everyone sends a little notebook with their scarf which the everyone writes in – a bit about themselves and the part of the scarf they have knit. My scarf was started off with Drops Alaska in a teal colour and a London underground themed notebook. I’m not 100% sure where it is now – somewhere I the States I think lol.

The one I’m working on today belongs to a lady in South Carolina. I’m using the Drops Alaska again as I think it goes quite nicely with what has already been knitted (I don’t want to post any spoilers in case she is reading haha).

Once it has been finished and sent out I will return to the Ravelympic jumper, which is going according to plan. Only the sleeves and finishing to do, and I will be done! I can’t wait to share a photo with you all once it’s finished.

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  1. reginamarti says:

    what a fun project – I really like to idea of wearing such a well traveled scarf! Good luck – Regina


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