Morning Has Broken

I am not a Morning Person. I am one of those people who would cheerfully stay in bed for most of the day, alternately dozing, reading, knitting and listening to Radio 4. Mischief and Mayhem, however, are the exact opposite. Every morning they are up at first light and by the time their eyes are fully open their energy level hits 100% and off they go. This results in an imbalance in the Busy Knitter household and generally puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I use the morning to get my little household tasks done – dishes from the night before, laundry etc – and while I am doing this Mischief and Mayhem truly live up to their nicknames and get themselves into whatever trouble they can find. This morning I have already had to remake stripped beds (why do they do this??) and pick up a trail of socks and toys. All before coffee. Currently they are trashing the playroom and I don’t have the mental strength to tell them to stop and tidy up. If I was asked for one single thing that would improve the quality of my life, it would be for my children to stay in bed until at least 7am every morning. Thank God for coffee and concealer.

I didn’t get as much knitting done yesterday as I would have liked, but I did manage to sew the shoulders of my Ravelympic jumper together and get half way through the cowl neck. I will hopefully finish that today and get started on the first sleeve. We are going to The Forbidden Corner on Wednesday so I really hope to be finished by Thursday. I have made myself a promise that, once the Ravelympics are over, I will knit more for myself (Lord knows there is no shortage of yarn in my stash) and get the Mohair Wrap finished, as well as Ma Baker’s jumper, the RWSE shawl and the test pattern hat. Busy busy!

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