Of yarn, guilt and mermaid tails

Happy Friday everyone! Once again we are at the end of the week, and I am on the horns of a dilemma. More specifically, a yarn buying dilemma (this will become a regular feature of this blog I’m afraid -please bear with me folks haha).

I have wanted to knit Silver Lining for some time. Its a gorgeous pattern and I think it would be a great Challenging Knit. It is knitted with Sublime Cotton Silk DK and therein lies the problem. It calls for 11 balls at £4.89 each. That’s a pretty expensive jumper. Yeah, I know, I could substitute for a cheaper yarn, but I take the view that a designer uses a particular yarn for a reason and the only time I substitute is when I can’t get hold of the yarn for some reason (usually it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to ship it from the US). So this one has sat on the yarn buying backburner as well as the actual knitting backburner. Yesterday I got an interesting email from my favourite online yarn store however. To celebrate their 4th birthday Wool Warehouse have got 20% off all Sublime yarns (and Debbie Bliss in case anyone wants some). That’s a good saving, right? It knocks more than £10 off the total price, or two free balls, so I’m thinking it would be rude not to take them up on their kind offer….. right? Please feel free to comment and validate this purchase -I may need some new material for when Mr Busy Knitter starts asking questions.

Meanwhile, my current stash has lost an old friend today. I am going to start a hat for my neighbour’s son, using Kelli’s test pattern. You may remember me mentioning that the first one I made was far too small, so I’ve gone up a needle size and if necessary I’ll do another pattern repeat. I’m using Cascade Pacific, a 40% superwash merino/60% acrylic mix. I love Cascade Heritage for socks and I’ve made myself a hat with Cascade 220 so I have high hopes for this more budget-friendly version. And hopefully it will be a little more hardwearing for a 7 year old boy.

This week I have added two more projects to My List after special requests from my stepbrother and my partner in crime. Both recipients have some sort of idea they will have the items for Christmas….I hope they mean Christmas 2017 LOL. My stepbrother has asked for a stripy pair of socks after I made him aware of the phenomenon that is self-striping yarn. And my partner in crime has asked for a Mermaid Tail blanket. I have been waiting for this day – I knew as soon as she saw them she would want one haha. I’m actually quite looking forward to knitting it – I have picked out some Caron Simply Soft variegated yarn and the pattern is in my library.

The Ravelympic jumper is coming on very well -the front and back are finished (and they are the same size) so all that is left to do is the sew the shoulders together, pick up and knit the cowl neck and sleeves, then sew the sleeves and side seams. I am reasonably confident I will get it finished before the Opening Ceremony and I will post a picture of the finished object – no spoilers!

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  1. You know, why a designer uses a particular yarn isn’t always because it’s the best yarn- you should swatch and feel free to substitute! If you are looking for something that is a close match to the original yarn, try the site yarnsub.com- it’s really good at taking any yarn and giving you a list of substitute yarns that are very similar.


    1. Ah that’s a great tip – thank you! I’ll have a look at the website because, even with 20% off, I still can’t bring myself to buy it lol


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