The Ageing Process

Yesterday I did a Stupid Thing. I could have blamed it on a number of things – the bad behaviour of Mischief and Mayhem while out of the house, the fact I am constantly rushing around and have a million things on my mind, the cashpoint was obviously faulty…. but if the truth be told I think the only thing I can put it down to is that I’m getting old and my mind isn’t as sharp as it once was. I went to get £100 out of the cash point down the road, got my card out and went into the shop without taking my money out of the cashpoint. When I realised, about a minute later, my money had been swallowed back into the cashpoint, lost to the banking system for at least 7 days (at least, I hope that’s what happened because if someone stole it then things are going to get a lot trickier). This is annoying for several reasons, not least because I am down £100 until the owners of the cash point reckon up. This kind of thing is happening more and more frequently the older I get. I forget simple things on a daily basis – why I walked into the kitchen, what I went to the shops for, where I put important things – and its starting to really worry me. My memory has always been very good; it got me through my A-Levels and the vast majority of my degree, and why I make such a good mystery shopper. I find myself buying more and more notebooks and planners to write everything down (Paperchase are happy though!) and if I leave the house without my diary I don’t have a clue where I am meant to be. I suppose the time to really start worrying is when I forget to write things down.

Anyway, knitting. Yesterday I had a day off from my Ravelympics jumper and I finished the wash mitt, ready to send to my swap partner along with a Body Scrub bar, a Harry Potter colouring book and some colouring pencils.


I’m quite pleased with how its turned out – its a pattern from Simple Stylish Knitting – and it was a really quick project. I also learned how to do an Afterthought Thumb and a three needle cast off, so it was educational as well as quick. Because I started it before the Olympics I entered it into the WIP wrestling event so this will be my first Ravelympic medal.

Once that was finished, and following yesterdays blog, I decided to work on The Mohair Wrap. I don’t like to talk about this WIP too much, because it depresses me. I’m using Drops Kid Silk, which is lovely, but its a lace weight mohair/silk blend and its taking FOREVER to knit up, even using 4mm needles. I knit and knit – the wrap doesn’t get any longer and the ball of yarn doesn’t get any smaller. It is the most soul destroying project I have ever worked on. Really I should frog it and have done, but I refuse to be beaten. I WILL have a mohair wrap and I WILL wear it on a daily basis when it is eventually finished.





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