A Long List of Future Projects

ThisĀ morning I am feeling pretty smug. Its 7.20am and Mischief is still fast asleep (Mayhem is up and about but their power is neutralised when they are apart), my flat is reasonably clean and tidy, and I have finished the back of my Ravelympics jumper by day 3 of the Games. Today I will be finishing the Wash Mitt, which will be my WIP event completed. All of this has led my Train of Thought to the Future Project Station and a contemplation of how overpopulated it is at the minute. I just can’t say no to friends and family when they ask me to make them something, I can’t resist a Ravelry swap, and every time I read a knitting magazine I add another pattern to the queue.

And, naturally, when I pick a project, I pick yarn. And then buy it, put it in my stash and go back to the List. I am ready to go with all these projects; the only thing holding me back is Time and general lack of it.

I’m not going to go into all the projects I have planned for myself, mostly because I think writing down and seeing it in black and white would force me to admit I had a problem, but I really do need to organise what I have planned for other people. What I will say about projects for myself is that I have promised that I will not start anything else until I finish The Mohair Wrap. This project is my nemesis. Its not complicated – just rows and rows of stocking stitch – but its 400 stitches and it’s laceweight mohair. Every row takes forever and it doesn’t matter how much I knit, it never seems to get any bigger. If the truth be told I don’t know what I was thinking but I’ve started it now and I refuse to be beaten by it. It is likely to be next summer before I can wear it, but so be it.

I have a shawl exchange which needs to be sent to America before November – its in progress, and its going pretty well (its mostly garter stitch) but it’s had to take a back seat for the Ravelympics. I am also part of a Travelling Scarf Swap – you start off a scarf and it goes round the group with everyone adding a bit on until it comes back you completed. I have someone’s here that has to be knit and sent on to Germany but I haven’t even chosen yarn or a pattern, which I’m starting to feel a bit guilty about. Then I have agreed to test a hat pattern for the lovely Kelli Slack, which I am going to knit for a neighbours son, and thus killing two birds with one stone. I am going to start that this week since the Ravelmpics jumper is going so quickly.

Once the Ravelympics is over I really do need to finish Ma Baker’s jumper, which is taking far longer than I expected. My poor Partner in Crime has been waiting for a pair of socks for months, so that will come next. I have hat, mittens and a blanket to knit for a baby due in November, and that will have to jump the queue because they want it for coming home from the hospital (which is very touching and made me a little emotional). I also have a pair of socks for another neighbour, and I’m going to make theseĀ which I have been wanting to try for ages. I then have a cowl to do for Partner in Crime’s mam, a pair of gloves for Partner in Crime and some mittens for a neighbour, which all really need to be done by the winter. And then my dad wants a pair of stripy socks for Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is the gift of time.


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  1. Lena says:

    I can relate! Even though I donĀ“t have any kids. I hope santa is kind this year šŸ˜‰


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