Family time! πŸ’™

When I talk about my partner in crime in the blog, this is she. Some very interesting insights on being a parent at a young age, bringing up a Threenager (Mayhem’s BFF) and, of course, how to be beautiful on a budget πŸ™‚

Mammy & Wife Life ❀️

Well today Mr Chef has been off work so me him & bud have had an amazing family day! We haven’t been anywhere or done anything fantastic, but just being able to stay in out pyjamas and spend time as a family is so important to me. Mr chef works very long hours so he never gets to to much with us. Today started by bud dressing up as every superhero he could. Hulk, Thor, batman, Spider-Man! I would never of thought that seeing someone dress up could bring me so much joy. I feel like I’m a very mature mother, however I was only 20 when I became pregnant. All my high school friends were at uni, going out every week or doing summers abroad. Me, I was changing nappies, doing night feeds and trying to survive the terrible colic stage. Bud was a very demanding baby and up…

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