Easy like Sunday morning

Well, not so much. Mischief and Mayhem are entirely unaware of the concept of Weekends, or Sleep, or Quiet, and they were up causing chaos at 5am. I managed to get them to go back to bed with their tablets, but the end result of that has been having to listen to Angry Birds at a volume that would compete with a warehouse rave.

So we’re up. Mischief and Mayhem are having breakfast and watching Minions, and I am drinking strong coffee and Olympic knitting. I’m happier with how it’s turning out now that I have knitted a bit more. The colour is gorgeous and I’m glad I picked it. Its actually knitting up quite quickly and the prospect of knitting a whole jumper in 16 days is less daunting than it was during the Opening Ceremony. It has a cowl neck knitted on circular needles and the sleeves are pick up and knit, so it could be much worse.

I’m knitting the jumper with Caron Simply Soft in the Pagoda colourway. I’m normally not a huge fan of acrylic, but this is lovely and really is very soft. It’s the first time I’ve used it, although my Wicked Stepmother knitted my birthday present with it – a lovely kimono style cardigan in Strawberry – and she liked it too. Its an American brand, and £3.99 for 170g (288m) so pretty good value. I only need three balls for a whole jumper so it definitely ticks all the boxes for me. My only gripe – and its a bit of a petty one – is that it’s wound into a cylinder rather than a ball, which makes it a bit tricky to knit from, but if I was less lazy I could wind it into a ball and the problem would disappear.

Apart from knitting today, myself and Mr Busy Knitter are taking Mischief and Mayhem swimming and then for dinner (which, of course, is work for me). To be honest, they have been so badly behaved this morning that they don’t deserve to go anywhere – they have already had one swimming trip cancelled this week – but punishing them by staying in the house is counter productive because the longer they stay in the naughtier they get. They are not the type of children to sit quietly and watch TV, do crafts, or play with their toys, so all that happens is I spend the whole day shouting STOP THAT! LEAVE HIM ALONE! GET DOWN! DONT THROW THAT! PACK IT IN! After an hour or so I get sick of the sound of my own voice so I give in and take them out anyway. Yeah, yeah I know -follow through with threats, be consistent etc. Supernanny would have a fit. Almost five years in to my parenting journey though, and I find most of her theories have no practical application when it comes to my children, so I just get through the day as best I can, with just enough knitting to keep me sane and out of prison.

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