Stash and burn

Today is Friday, otherwise known in this house as Pay Day. And once I have paid the Important Things that grown ups need to pay (gas, electric, rent, childcare, food etc) I like to place an order for some yarn on Wool Warehouse. Its my little treat to myself after  what has invariably been A Difficult Week. This week, however, I am having a little pang of spending guilt. The next two weeks I will be working on my Ravelympic project, I already have enough yarn and planned projects to last me well into my 40s, so do I really need to buy more? Its an unnecessary expense, I have no room for it, and the chances of it getting used any time soon are pretty slim. If the truth be told it really is just an exercise in Stash Growth.

Having almost talked myself out of it, an Incident occurred. There was a fight over juice (identical cups, identical juice, identical amounts, but one cup was about 2 feet further away) – Mayhem bit Mischief on the shoulder, Mischief pushed Mayhem away and he banged his head on the wall, I got up to deal with the screaming that ensued and spilt a cup of hot coffee all over my new Harry Potter pyjamas. So the end result is that they have been sent back to bed until they learn to behave and I have spent a small fortune on yarn. Did I mention its only 8am?

In Other News….I didn’t finish Ma Baker’s top, which I’m really disappointed with. I got as far as dividing for the neck and working on one side. Even though it’s only stocking stitch it’s taking much longer than I thought it would. And unfortunately it will now have to wait until after the Ravelympics is finished. Today my WIP is my Wash Mitt. Its for a Ravelry swap and I want to get it finished today and posted tomorrow. I’m using DMC Natura XL , a 100% cotton chunky yarn, on 6mm and 8mm DPNs so hopefully it won’t take long, especially since today is A Day In The House (although there is still time for Mischief and Mayhem to sabotage this). Like all cotton yarn, the DMC Natura XL is quite splitty and tricky to knit with, although once it’s knitted up it has great stitch definition and is surprisingly soft. It’s £4.89 for 100g at Wool Warehouse, and I think I’ll get two, maybe three, wash mitts from it. I’m thinking they will make nice Christmas gifts along with some nice soap from Lush. See? I don’t just buy yarn for the sake of stashing it.



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  1. purlintherough says:

    I have the same yarn purchasing “problem” lol. My stash and future project list far exceed my free time 🙂


    1. It gives me comfort to know I’m not alone lol


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