Mischief and Mayhem

Welcome to my new blog! It is primarily about my knitting, but there will also be tales of my two little boys and my ‘job’ (more about that later). Since it is the school holidays, which means no free nursery hours, and we are having what I call a Bad Morning, I thought an introduction to the people around whom my life revolves would be appropriate.

Mischief is 4, and Mayhem is 3. They are exactly 16 months apart. And they are Hard Work, by anyone’s standards. Their favourite activities include Running, Jumping, Screaming, Bickering, Throwing Things, Demolition and Whining. Take note at this point that the above list does not include Eating, Sleeping, Sitting or Listening. Being their mam is exhausting -when I say I can’t take my eyes off them for a second it is no exaggeration. And heaven forbid I should go to the door or answer the phone. I realise that, for many parents, I will be preaching to the choir, and they are not the only overly active little boys in the world, but hopefully some of you will read this and smile quietly at the knowledge that you are not alone.

Mischief is Highly Strung. He started his Terrible Twos at 15 months and hasn’t really come out of the other end yet. He’s super smart and very affectionate, but anyone who dares to look at him the wrong way is looking at the business end of an epic tantrum. Mayhem is a much calmer, more chilled out child, but he is currently in the Threenager stage and all I get is attitude and cheek. And he can’t stop talking, or at least that’s how it seems. He keeps up a constant monologue during his waking hours, whether he is watching TV, picking at his dinner, or playing with his toys. Sounds cute, doesn’t it? Nope. It almost has me reaching for the Valium. He will occasionally pause for breath but its short lived.

In addition to all the above, they are beautiful, smart, funny, caring and bright. They will both start school in September – Mischief into Reception and Mayhem into the nursery class – and in my own way I’ll miss them. I gave up work when I had Mischief and they have been my whole world for the last 4 years. They do go to private nursery, and have been since they turned 2, but it’s not the same as proper grown-up school.

So knitting. I wouldn’t say I knit for the boys, but I knit because of the boys. I learned to knit while pregnant with Mischief but then had to stop once he started moving around and I neither had the time, inclination or mental strength. Then Mayhem came along and it was game over. Once they got a bit older, however, I remembered how much I missed it. My Wicked Stepmother (who is not at all Wicked and not even my stepmother) knits and at the turn of the year I fancied giving it another go. I subscribed to Simply Stylish Knitting, got my free needles and yarn for squares and off I went. Since then I have knit constantly. It has seen me through some tough times and never fails to calm me down. I have a list of projects as long as my arm, a yarn stash which is taking over my living room, and a collection of lovely things that have resulted from exchanges on Ravelry.

In this blog I will be discussing my current projects, reviewing the yarn I am knitting with (and intend to knit with some time in the unspecified future) and sharing photos of my finished objects. At the end of this week I will be taking part in the Ravelympics, so I will have lots to talk about whilst I am not knitting like a crazy woman.

Thanks for reading and I hope you stick with the blog.






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  1. Lena says:

    Sounds like you have your hands full! I´m happy you got your knitting mojo back! Always helps me keep my calm. (I´m a primary school teacher and some nights I need knitting more than usual 😉 )


    1. They definitely keep me on my toes lol. Knitting is my sanctuary and not a day goes by where I don’t need to pick the needles up haha


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