The Ravelympics 2016

Most of my blog posts will be in the morning over coffee, mostly because Mischief and Mayhem are up at the crack of dawn every day (regardless of what time they eventually gave up and went to sleep the night before). This morning it was 4.30am but I persuaded them to go back to bed until 6.15am. The chaos starts as soon as they open their eyes and 4.30am is just too early for the crazy quite frankly.

My morning routine is mostly coffee, refereeing, dishes, laundry, tidying, then once I have myself and the little people ready I knit until we go out. As its the summer holidays this is a later than it would normally be, not least because Mayhem is toilet training and I don’t like to go too far from the bathroom. Today is a Nursery Day so I will be going to work this afternoon. Which brings me to my ‘job’ (it never feels like a real job, hence the inverted commas). I am a self-employed Independent Customer Service Assessor. Or, in plain English, I’m a mystery shopper. I work for several agencies, going around various stores, restaurants, train stations etc, checking that the employees are doing what they are supposed to. Its a good gig and it fits in really well with childcare and Mr Busy Knitter’s days off. Its not great money but the benefits far outweigh the small wage packet. I can’t say too much about it, but I can say that today I am visiting three travel agencies, a bank, a charity fundraiser and a fast food outlet.

I am trying to figure out whether I can afford to take a couple of weeks off (no sick pay or holiday pay for the self employed!) for the Ravelympics. For those of you who have no idea what I’m on about, this takes place during the Olympic Games for the users of Ravelry. You pick a project (I’m doing this So Easy Sweater), cast on during the Opening Ceremony (which will be midnight in the UK -should be interesting) and get it finished before the end of the Closing Ceremony. Easy, right? We’ll see. There’s a lot of work in a jumper and I’m wishing I had picked a hat. I’m part of Team BKAL (a Ravelry group I’m part of) so we’ll all be cheering each other on. Its competitive knitting in a fashion, but you’re only really competing against yourself -and the clock – so no pressure. Well, not much. Keep tuning in to see my progress.

I didn’t knit as much of Ma Baker’s top that I wanted to yesterday so that it todays job, although I am pretty sure its not going to be finished by tonight. And tomorrow I must get the Wash Mitt finished, which will hopefully be quick as its chunky yarn knitted on 6mm DPNs.

My coffee is finished, which means I must get on with the rest of the day *sigh*. Although my lovely next door neighbour and partner in crime bought me a lovely new Body Scrub from Edinburgh yesterday so I am quite looking forward to my shower. If you are interested in make up, beauty products and all things girly, please stop by and have a read of Ashlee’s blog at Basically Beauty Blog

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