On my needles

Well, the blog title is the busy knitter, and it’s entirely true. I’m not just busy with Mischief and Mayhem, and being self employed, but I always have several knitting projects on the go with several different deadlines to keep me on my toes.

I should point out, I don’t knit for money. For one thing, knitting is NOT cheap. It’s far cheaper to go along to Primark or wherever and buy a jumper than it is to knit one. Yarn is pretty expensive. Aside from the expense of the yarn I wouldn’t have the first idea what to charge for my time, which is considerable for something like a pair of socks, much less a jumper. I think even at minimum wage you would be looking at around £100 for a jumper, and lets face it, who wants to pay that. So I knit for pleasure, and if someone wants to wear or use the fruits of my labour then that suits me fine. Friends, family and neighbours are always adding to my list of projects and (this is the part where I can’t say no) and I am happy to oblige. I am always buying yarn for projects for myself but never seem to get round to them because I am knitting for others. As a result, my yarn stash is growing steadily and I have no real idea about when it will ever be used.

Currently on the needles is a lace cotton top for Ma Baker (she has no sons, and isn’t a criminal mastermind, but it seems to suit her), my next door neighbours grandmother. Its a short sleeve top with a lace back, and plain stocking stitch front and sleeves. Its a Sian Brown pattern that I really love, and I’ve enjoyed knitting it. The back is done and I’m almost half way up the front. I really want to get it finished, or at least the knitting done, before the Opening Ceremony of the Ravelympics in 2 days time (more about the Ravelympic Games later). I’m using Wendy Supreme Cotton DK in Cream, which I’m not hugely keen on but I’m not knitting if for myself. Having said that it knits up nicely and it’s not splitty at all. Decent yardage too. I’m currently unsure about how I’m going to block it, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

If that was my only WIP, I wouldn’t be The Busy Knitter, would I? Also in progress is a shawl for a lady in Arizona as part of the Ravelry Worldwide Shawl Exchange. I am not terribly experienced with shawls, and this has been a bit of a challenge as the woman lives in the desert and didn’t want one made of wool. I finally decided on a cotton/linen mix and a Cascade pattern, which I hope she likes. I’ve got until October to finish it but I am trying to do a bit every week.

Last night I cast on a wash mitt for a Ravelry swap. Its supposed to be a beauty cloth and soap, but I thought I would try something different. My partner in the swap is someone I have swapped with before so I’m sure she will appreciate it.

And finally I have agreed to test a hat pattern for a lovely designer. I did one last week but it was the size of a dolls hat – too small even for Mayhem – so I’m going to try again with bigger needles and more rounds. I have some lovely Cascade Pacific that I will use. It was for a neighbours little boy, and this way I get to kill two birds with one stone.

Thank you for reading and please come back to read all about my project for the Ravelympics -my first go at competitive knitting!





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  1. mammywithmakeup says:

    Knitting level: EXPERT! About time you put your brilliant knowledge to use! 💗💗💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paula says:

    You really do sound busy! Look forward to checking how your projects turn out, I’m not the greatest fan of knitting with cotton in general, bit sometimes it has to be done 🙂

    I need to check out the Ravelympic Games, sounds exciting!


    1. The Ravelympics is great fun! If you’re on Ravelry search for the group and join in!


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